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How We Began

Connect. Belong. Thrive.

To get started, OneDenmark collected some information. We reviewed census data and the Brown County Comprehensive Plan. We then spoke with groups of older adults, community leaders, rural residents, and families. Here’s what we learned:

  • The number of young families is increasing in our community

  • 85% of parents and 75% of adults in our community are part of the labor force

  • Denmark has a lower than average number of residents living below the poverty line in Wisconsin

Those interviewed appreciate the school system, stable business environment, church and volunteer organizations, and a safe, quiet community.

Interview participants recognized challenges including the need to refresh assets like the park, limited opportunities for youth, no central information source, and resistance to change or investing in the future.

Those we spoke with also contributed to a vision for Denmark—things like a thriving downtown with opportunities for Denmark’s youth, fostering Denmark’s growth, and updating community places like the parks. These same community representatives talked about creating a HUB, or space, to bring people together.

It was clear interviewees want to create more opportunities for community connections.

There is plenty for our community to take on. Fortunately, Denmark can lean on our many community strengths and assets. OneDenmark is ready!

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