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We Are OneDenmark


OneDenmark Founding Members

Pictured from left to right

Lori Wagner


Connecting all people with the abundant benefits of living in Denmark motivates Lori. Her role with Neighborhood Partners gives her insight.  

Alan Mazna


With his long history of serving non-profits in a community where he's spent his life, Alan recognizes the need to coordinate, especially around youth initiatives. 

Rev. Andrew Zoerb


Being on the front lines and seeing daily community needs, Pastor Andy would like to prevent some of what he sees. 

Emma Watzka


Emma is contributing because she wants the group to take off and knows that requires elbow grease and commitment. She's willing to give both.  

Tony Klaubauf


Seeing the community move forward motivates Tony. He uses the word 'progressing' to describe his desire for Denmark.

Isa Wagner


Isa joined OneDenmark because she loves her community and wants to reinforce all the good things by connecting with other students, particularly those younger than her. 

Luke Goral


Because of his community role, Luke recognizes the community's need for a Hub, where people automatically turn to support and be supported by the community. 

Deb Kralovetz


Deb grew up in Denmark and raised her family here. She is a Village Board Trustee and teacher in the school district. She envisions a growing and progressing community steeped in family and intergenerational activities. 

Ryan Johanek


Ryan lives in Denmark because he wants his three sons to grow up in the warm and caring community where he grew up. He's committed to the youth experience. 

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